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wedding: Christina & Matthias

Recently, I had the pleasure of spending a few days with a wonderful couple, Matthias & Christina, at their destination wedding in the Barcelo Maya Palace resort, Mexico.  Together, we hopped around the resort, taking photos and enjoying frozen tropical drinks when we needed to cool off.  Yeah, I guess you could call it ideal working conditions. :)

We took the above shot while playing around at an off-duty life-guard tower on our stroll to the evening cocktail hour.  Many thanks go out to Christina’s sis-in-law (Stacey) for being an amazing VAL (voice activated light-stand)!  Enjoy the pics!

kids birthday party [low sugar]

Spent part of this past weekend photographing a super-cute babies 1st birthday party held in Long Island at the Diwan Indian Restaurant.  Indhu, the mom, is a friend of a friend whose engagement I’ll be covering in a couple weeks.  I should have known when you go to “the island” it’s not just going to be your average “McDonalds feed me my happy meal and go home” kids b-day party that I grew up on.  Oh, noooo…..this party had a cool DJ, top notch Indian food (and, I know my curries), a face painting artist, free tattoos (that last 3 days!), balloon sculptures, and more crayons than a Wal-Mart during back-to-school season.  There was however minimal candy to be found?  I did some research and later found out that Indhu is actually a Dentist.  I guess I’m just fortunate I got out of there without being reprimanded for not flossing before the event:)  Enjoy the pics!

yoga in HDR

Took this shot of Rasamaya Yoga founder Carrie Tyler a couple weekends ago in Newburyport, MA. Carrie is currently working on expanding her school and wanted some fresh marketing / advertising images. The secret to the nice contrast is to shoot on a tripod and use multiple exposures. Using a program like photomatix, you can do what’s called tonal mapping to get High Dynamic Range (HDR). Simply put you create an image that has all the brights and darks the eye can see but even the most expensive camera cannot (so far). If you ever want to see amazing HDR shots and read a good how-to tutorial I recommend checking out Trey Ratcliff’s site…

After moving to CT it’s not that often that I can get to MA and do these shoots anymore… but when I do, we always end up with great images. So rewarding!

Below are a few more of my images recently used in the Rasamaya Ad Campaign. I think the bumper-stickers made by Mark “the yoga guy” Taylor take the cake!